Friday, October 5, 2012

a prelude to my future writings

Below are several PSAs I'd like to get out there to be used in reference to my future writings:

1. Some have difficulty believing the 12 Steps align with Christianity. I am not of this mindset and my writing will not reflect that mindset either. The Holy Bible was an integral part of the inspiration for the writings of Bill W. who authored much of the original Alcoholics Anonymous text; however, the Bible was not the only literature used for inspiration. I do not believe that all of Christianity fits within the 12 Steps, but I do believe that all of the 12 Steps can and do fit within Christianity. If you feel otherwise, that's okay. I don't at this time, that may or may not change. Until then, this will be part of my operational mindset.

2. Some in the Christian circle argue that a follower of Christ should continue to claim their identity as an alcoholic or addict. This seems to come from the idea of transformation and being a saint versus a sinner after belief in the basic tenets of salvation. I do not fully align with this ideology. When I self identify as a sex addict I think of the "now and not yet" ideology often refered to within the Vineyard denomination. In the "not yet" realm I understand that I am justified and faultless before God (I think), but this is not true in the "now" realm in which we live here on earth (I think). Thus, identifying as a sex addict is a direct reference to who I am in the "old man" and does not reflect who I am in the "new man" created by the Holy Spirit. I also need the reminder that this addictive cycle will likely be a lifelong temptation that I must be ready from which to flee and battle spiritually. Reminding myself of this helps me to stay on guard.

3. The reason I often place prayers at the bottom of posts is for a few reasons. One, I definitely have some pioty left in me - most of which I attribute to my Southern Baptist heritage of which I am partially appreciative. Second, I need these prayers to remember the hope in Jesus when I so often lose sight of that when staring so narcisistically at my own life. Finally, I need accountability to remain in prayer to battle my self-reliance and isolation.

4. I recognize that I am extremely comma happy. This, will, not, change. I, hope, this, will, be, tolerable, for, you.

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