Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Let me just begin with saying that I hate "why" questions. I think they're typically useless because they're too complex and head-centered versus action-centered. Thus I will spill my questions and then come back to revise them later.

Why is anger and hurt so hard to let go of and forgiveness so hard to hold onto?

Why does holding a grudge make me think the other person is affected by it?

Why do I want others whom I feel should be punished to experience the same hurt I feel?

How do I reconcile all of this to the new man inside of me?

On another note:
How is it that generational curses can persist in light of the new covenant? or can they not?

Well, that's about it for now, except please join me in praying that I will get the job I applied for with Region 8 Mental Heath Services and it will work out well. Thanks.